TENGA-空力刻盤緊附杯(炫藍) TENGA-空力刻盤緊附杯(炫藍) , TENGA-空力刻盤纏綿杯(炫銀) TENGA-空力刻盤纏綿杯(炫銀) 自然之力 震感肌理杯(海洋),飛機杯 成人專區商品專區享超低折扣優惠。


Jungle Honey


JUNGLE HONEY is produced by our hardworking bees from the nectar taken from multiple Jungle flowers .The honey is extremely rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin b2,b3,b5 and b6, iron ,calcium, magnesium, zinc and potassium along with several amino acids and antioxidants to keep you fit, your skin glowing , burn your extra fat and lower cholesterol. It is truly Ayurvedic remedy for weight gain, cough and digestive disorders. The product is preferred by hundreds of doctors in their medicines, as it is anti-biotic free, all purpose honey.

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Benefits of jungle honey

  1. Helps in alleviating allergies.
  2. A natural and effective cough syrup
  3. Energy booster
Additional Information
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 20 cm

55 Gms, 150 Gms, 350 Gms, 350 + 55 Gms

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